The Floristic Natural Reservation: fritillary glade

The Floristic Natural Reservation: fritillary glade from Budus Village 

The fritillary is a rarity of flower. Mediterranean plant, the fritillary belongs to the lily family and placed under the protection of the law in all the European countries. It is also known as the guinea fowl because of the similarity of the flowers with the plumage of this bird. It prefers marshy, wet, mucky and peaty areas. The fritillary has in the ground a bulb out of which start in the spring a few linear green leaves, the flower is in the shape of a cup with the petals stained in the shape of chequers. Without a lot of moisture, the flower dies. In Latin is called Fritilaria meleagris. It is protected by the state, but gradually disappears, because many wetlands are processed, are improved and the plants disappear. In the people, by the locals, the flower is called guinea-hen flower, columbine, drooping tulip, chess flower. The fritillary has no fragrant smell and blooms at the beginning of April.