The precipice with dolls – Domnesti

 The reservation, “The precipice with dolls” inherited its symbolic name due to its appearance. On a distance of two hectares stretch various mineral deposits that have taken the shape of Russian dolls. There were also discovered places where such stones could be found, but the special character of the area is given by the concentration of all these formations in one area on the right bank of the river Sieu. Sandstone concretions, scientifically called in this way, are made up of sand cemented with calcium carbonate, taking different shapes, from spherical and elliptical to flattened or irregular. The one who discovered this area with special character is Ioan Chintauan. He said that his first thought was to call this place “The soldiers” due to the settlement of the concretions, similar to the soldiers ready to fight.

The reservation is a vertical wall on which were formed these unusual forms, with different shapes and sizes such as dolls, mushrooms or animal heads. The Precipice with Dolls has a great scientific value by providing the opportunity to analyze in terms of science how the sediments were deposited.
The precipice with Dolls represents a major sight from Transylvania, being declared a protected area of national interest.