Touristic routes

 Budacu de Jos- Budus village – Bistritei Hills – Cetatea Hill/ Budac River and Budus River– floristic natural reservation – fritillary glade.

Mariselu – Domnesti village – Sieului Hills – Bistritei Hills –Magurii/Penelor Hill, Sieu River – Wooden Church “St. Arch. Michael and Gabriel” 18th century.

Galatii Bistritei - Galatii Bistritei village- Lechintei Hills–Padurea Murii Hill/ Dipsa River – The evangelical church (convent of nuns) from 1250, a unique archaeological piece -a small saw that was used for the cranial surgeries 3-2 centuries BC.

Galatii Bistritei Herina village–Lechintei Hills- Penelor Hill – The evangelical church 1250- romantic style basilica type.

Lechinta- Tigau village – Lechintei Hills – The Reformed Church 16th century.